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Employers ’pensions are lower today, so some retirees are hesitant to pull their nest eggs. However, older Americans can spend more freely on a guaranteed source of income, such as Social Security or private annuities.

This is clear from a research paper looking at retirement wear and tear. The report compared retirees with a lifetime income stream and those living on an investment portfolio.

The results suggest that retirees with a guaranteed income may spend twice as much as wealth-saving retirement savings.

“People don’t like the idea of ​​seeing their nest shrink,” said Michael Finke, another author of the report, a certified financial planner and professor of wealth management at The American College of Financial Services.

In addition, reluctance to consume is common among those with plenty of savings, even though he does not want to transfer wealth to heirs, he said.

About 67 percent of private industry workers had access to retirement plans in 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, many retirees struggle with spending their money when they leave the workforce.

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While retirees with a clear consumption strategy tend to be happier, 25% have no plan, according to a BlackRock report.

“The whole 401 (k) system is designed to encourage people to live better in retirement,” Finke said. “But we haven’t really developed a system that allows them to do it after retirement.”

While employees can benefit from planned annuities, less than 10% of workplace pension plans offered an option in 2019, according to the Plan Sponsor Council of America.

Private annuities

Those who are worried about living savings may consider buying a private annuity that offers monthly payments for life.

For example, suppose a 65-year-old woman in Tennessee expects to spend $ 50,000 a year. For $ 30,000 a year in Social Security, he may want an annuity that covers the remaining $ 20,000.

If he wants the income to start in five years, his insurance premiums can start at about $ 274,000, covering him for life, without a minimum contribution or heirs ’death benefit, according to Schwab’s income estimator.

However, financial experts say retirees should explore all options before buying an annuity.

It is a difficult decision and cannot be made in isolation.
Anthony Watson
Founder and Chairman of Thrive Retirement Specialists

“They can be very confusing for consumers,” said Anthony Watson, CFP, founder and chairman of Thrive Retirement Specialists in Dearborn, Michigan. “They lack standardization and transparency.”

According to him, retirees must assess their entire financial situation before registering.

“It’s a difficult decision, and it can’t be made in isolation,” Watson said. “All of these things fit together.”

The pension spending plan has not stopped. Customers can adjust regularly based on the stock market and other life changes, he said.

“Often, you can make customers feel much more comfortable using these funds and feel more empowered to be able to do so,” Watson said.

Delays social security

Another way to improve guaranteed income is to delay social security. Those who expect to reach full retirement age may receive higher monthly payments for the rest of their lives depending on the year of birth. Retirees can receive higher benefits for up to 70 years.

For example, suppose someone is born in 1957 and can receive $ 1,000 a month. If they start making payments at age 62, they only get $ 725, which is a 27.5% discount on life, according to the Social Security Administration.

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