I don’t belong on Saks Fifth Avenue. Such shops make me furious. Business casual shirts with $ 400 price tags and sack scarves for a month’s rent. Maybe it’s miles and dots in my brain, but they look like a massive waste.

The Platinum Card® card from American Express has, in my opinion, one of the dumbest card benefits: a $ 50 Saks Fifth Avenue credit every six months (registration is required for this benefit). I’ll quickly explain how it works and how I actually used to get it fair agreement. You can read our message about the benefits and advantages of Amex Platinum to learn about the most valuable benefits of this card.

I usually would never have stepped on Saks Fifth Avenue. Amex Platinum makes me try new things. (Photo: Joseph Hostetler / Million Mile Secret)

Amex Platinum Saks Fifth Avenue certificate

Amex Platinum has an annual fee of $ 550 (see rates and fees) – but it also includes $ 1,100 + savings per year. One of the many account statements offered by this card is Saks Fifth Avenue. You can register your card to earn up to $ 100 per calendar year as a Saks credit: One $ 50 credit from January to June and another $ 50 credit from July to December. These are use-or-lose-it credits.

If this were Kmart credit, you can check your wardrobe every six months. On Saks Fifth Avenue, you might get a pair of Spanx off the rack. Saxon Gift Cards do not trigger credit, and Amex is likely to refund your credit if you return the product. You may manages to return goods for in-store credits. At least then you might collect the balance and end up buying something meaningful.

Some Amex cards have relatively consistent Amex deals on Saks Fifth Avenue. And if you shop online, be sure to use the shopping portal to get bonus points or money back. It’s not hard to earn a bunch of extra rewards when you shop with Saxony. The prices are just so unreasonable.

Use of Saks loans in Honolulu

Our wife and I both have Amex Platinum cards. This means that together we can get up to $ 100 Saks credits every six months. $ 100 opens up a lot more opportunities than $ 50 – although it still takes a lot.

We visited Waikiki last week and decided to survey Saxony when it claimed us on Kuhio Ave. It was the first time in such a place. We felt an immediate discomfort from the helpfulness of the staff because they were so obedient that I didn’t know if I was going to throw at them. My wife tried on some shorts, and the employee who helped us never left our page from that moment on, endlessly confirming how great we look at every article we touched with our hands. He was very nice and helpful but we spent about 40 extra minutes walking pretending to shop so he didn’t know we were too poor to afford anything.

My wife finally found me a shirt on the 40% discount shelf she liked. After the discount, the shirt cost $ 99.27 (remember, the goal was to get as close to $ 100 as possible).

It’s a pique with a variety of alcohol graphics.

In the register, I asked for the invoice to be divided into two parts. I put $ 50 on Amex Platinum and $ 49.42 on my wife. The Saks Fifth Avenue loan requires no minimum spending – it basically only replaces the first $ 50 you spend directly with Saxon.

After buying a 15 cent bag, we are only 58 cents away from paying Saks credits.

It doesn’t seem like you can share the offer online on Saxony’s website, so if your household has more than one Amex Platinum cardholder, this is something you unfortunately have to do at the store.

When our credit is replenished in a few months, we will return to Saxony and it is my wife’s turn to spend $ 100.

Bottom line

Amex Platinum comes with a crazy number of account statements – like several hundred each year. And while the $ 50 Saks Fifth Avenue credit is easy to use, it’s not a popular advantage because Saks is such an expensive store at first.

My wife and I combined our $ 50 rebate to buy one decent piece of clothing from the fires, which gave us $ 100 in value. I’m not saying “I saved $ 100” because there’s not the slightest chance I would have stepped into that store without the Amex Platinum producer. It’s a nice little bonus that I have a card that saves me $ 1,100 a year anyway.

You can read the very easy-to-use Amex Platinum Benefits Guide to see what I mean – and Subscribe to our newsletter more such messages are sent to your inbox once a day.

All photos are written by the author.

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