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A new $ 1,400 stimulus check has been sent, bringing the total amount of payments to about $ 164 million, or about $ 386 billion.

This time, more than 1.1 million payments were sent, which is more than $ 2 billion. About 600,000 of these payments were made by direct deposit, and the rest were sent by paper check.

The new payments mark the eighth tranche after checks were approved by Congress in March. Payments are limited to $ 1,400 per person and $ 1,400 per eligible dependent, as long as recipients fall below certain income limits and meet other requirements.

Much of the money sent in this round was requested after the IRS had processed the tax returns.

More than 585,000 payments, valued at more than $ 1.2 billion, were sent to people the IRS had no previous record of and who had recently made refunds.

This latest item also included more than $ 570,000 in “surcharges,” valued at nearly $ 1 billion for people who, according to the IRS, were entitled to new or additional amounts after processing their tax returns.

The government intends to continue issuing new payments on a weekly basis.

It also urges those who do not normally pay taxes to file a refund this year to receive payments, including the homeless and the rural poor.

How to get a bigger recovery check with a tax return
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Federal beneficiaries are also encouraged to file tax returns to ensure that eligible dependents also receive their incentive money. The Social Security Administration also just issued a notice urging beneficiaries to apply for a recovery refund if they were left without the first $ 1,200 or another $ 600 check.

Filing a tax return will not only help the government assess whether the extra stimulus money belongs to you, but it can also help you determine if you are eligible for additional tax credits, such as an earned income tax credit or a child tax deduction.

The IRS provides more information on its website on how to get incentive checks if you don’t usually have to file a tax return.

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